Monmouth McDonald's Has New Owners

New owners, Trina and Dennis Gendron, have taken ownership of the Monmouth McDonald’s from former owner Mike Luna.

“I just want to thank everybody, thank the community. Thank all the people we worked with over the years. It’s been a nice relationship with all the business people. This is a very nice community and a lot of really nice people. Thank you,” states Luna.

Trina and Dennis have been affiliated with the restaurant for over 30 years, first working as crew members themselves, and now owning 5 other locations already. They are very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Monmouth community.

“I love developing people and I love watching them grow. McDonald’s gave me a huge opportunity to start young and put me through all the management classes and schooling. We do the same for our people. Our crew can get $ 2,500 a year for college and our managers get $ 3,000 a year for college. Education is so important. It was important for all our kids and they worked for McDonald’s and we treat our crew like they are a part of our family. I think it’s huge to watch them develop and grow. Whether they go onto other things or stay with us either way I always tell them they are a part of our “McFamily” forever,” Trina shares.

Thank you Mike Luna for being a part of the Monmouth community for so long and a big welcome to Trina and Dennis Gendron.

written by Kelsey Crain