The Crossing Coming to Monmouth

A new church is coming to the Monmouth area. The Crossing will begin holding services on September 9th at 10 am in the old 1st Street Armoury building, 215 South 1st Street. Casey Grant, the Campus Minister for the Monmouth location, states the Monmouth site will be the 11th one since starting in Quincy back in 1874. If you have never been to a church service with The Crossing, Grant shares what to expect:

“Most Sundays will be Jerry Harris, our senior Pastor Clayton Hentzel, they will be preaching. That’s the only part that will come via video. So we will do that each week. We have our own praise band here, our own worship band. Our own campus minister here, that’s me. And all that stuff will be first and all the kids’ stuff is live it’s just the sermon it’s how we do that. That’s how we connect as one big church again through a multi-site,” states Grant.

In the future, Grant hopes to bring their FUSE Jr. High program and college program FUEL to the Monmouth area.

For more information, log onto or come check out Grant at The Crossing in Macomb at 9 am or 10:45 am before the startup in Monmouth on September 9th.

written by Kelsey Crain

To hear more from Grant, listen to the link below: