Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Update

Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau President Jared Kunkle and Manager Gina Long were recently able to tour a medical cannabis farm, Nature’s Grace and Wellness, in Vermont, IL.

Nature’s Grace and Wellness was founded in 2014 by the O’Hern family as part of the Compassionate Care Act of Illinois. The O’Hern’s are 5th generation farmers and were inspired to start this farm to help their own family members, whom suffer from medical conditions and access to medical cannabis would benefit.

Kunkle was fortunate enough to see the farm first hand and shares details about what was seen:

“It’s all chain link, barbed wire on top. You get paged in, you get badged in and you have to give your name and few days’ notice, they have to turn into the state and make sure you are okay to be touring the facility. Then you put coats on and come in. It’s very interesting. You step on a water mat to make sure there is no pollen on you, you go into a room that supposedly pulls pollen off you with air flow going around. They said insect pressure, like spider mites you could be carrying in and not even know it. They are very concerned about it being grown because pollen can travel about 40 miles. They are concerned about that because it could affect them. All their crop is raised in grow houses inside. People doing it, they do everything from the seed growth to putting it in a chocolate bar, sending it on, a cream, or a dispensary”, states Kunkle.

Products are not covered by health insurance and patients will typically spend around $400 a month for their medical conditions.

The Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau will be hosting their 5th annual Fall Festival 5K on Saturday September 8th beginning at 8am, at Monsanto/Bayer, 1677 80th St, Monmouth. Manager of the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau, Gina Long shares there will be same day registration for those still wanting to participate.

Also coming up for the Farm Bureau, they will be taking part in and Ag Education Day for 4th graders at Monsanto/Bayer. And on September 20th they will be partaking in a Farm Safety Day for 5th graders at the Henderson County Fairgrounds. Long highlights classes’ kids could be involved in:

“Our topics can range from water safety, animal safety, to ATV safety. We try to have a nice variety of what kids are around or associated with. We think it’s very important, if it can give a kid one good tip or one thing to realize, then that’s enough for us. That’s why we do it,” shares Long.

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written by Kelsey Crain

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