5th Annual Schuyler Street Stroll

The Village of Oquawka will be hosting their 5th Annual Schuyler Street Stroll on Saturday. Organizer Susan Meyer, highlights some events taking place will be a car show, over 30 craft vendors, a variety of food, and chainsaw carvings. Meyer shares their big event are the Civil War reenactments:

“This is our second year for our Civil War reenactors. They will do a march up Main Street approximately about 10 o’clock. They will just march up and down Main Street. Then they will have actual Civil War battles that will be directly behind Schuyler Street. If you are at the vendor show its just right behind the vendor show. They will have a battle at 11 o’clock and another one at 3:30,” Meyer states.

The family fun events will begin at 6:30 am and last all day long. All are welcome to attend.

For more information, search Schuyler Street Stroll on Facebook.

written by Kelsey Crain

To hear more from Susan, listen to the link below: