Field Report from Agronomist Craig Allaman


Agronomist at Munson Hybrids, Craig Allaman, recently tested a pair of fields west of Monmouth. Around here the average bushels per acre are generally between 160 to 180 bushels. Allaman reports more on his findings out in the field:

“We had really good soil conditions. It was warm. We didn’t have pounding rains. Everything came up. So the ear count should be a little higher. The rows were around 16.7 would be the average, that’s a decent row count. Of course it can vary with hybrids. That’s about a foot tall corn, that V4 to V6 stage is what we determine it was around. We had really nice growing conditions, so that does coincide really well. The kicker here, that’s really going to hurt is I only had an average of about 25 kernels on the length of a row. That’s pretty light. We would like to get up in the mid-30s anyway and even pushing higher than that to have a big yield,” states Allaman.

Allaman goes on to report the kernels have a decent depth and weight, but could be better, which is due to the weather conditions our area had over the summer.

With all of the recent rain our area has received, the beans in the field have benefitted. Allaman has been out inspecting bean fields and reports on his findings:

“The pod set seems to be really good, but we were just counting on small beans until we got these rains. And now it looks like they have really swelled up and we will have pretty good size beans. I am pretty comfortable that beans are going to be pretty decent. That’s kind of what the latest indication is. I think corn down beans up as the private yield companies estimates come in. I think that’s probably pretty accurate,” Allaman shares.

To hear more from Allaman, check out the interview on our website,

written by Kelsey Crain


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