Monmouth-Roseville Board Meeting Update

The Monmouth-Roseville school district met earlier this week for their monthly board meeting. The board passed their balanced budget, which is right around $17 million for the year, and the Evidence Based Fund is a big benefit for where the district is at now. Superintendent Ed Fletcher, reports on more items discussed at the meeting:

“We have a board election coming up in the spring of 2019. We have four board members who are up for reelection. The packets are available up at the Warren County Courthouse if anyone that lives in the Monmouth-Roseville school district is interested in running for the board, they can pick up an election packet there and start circling petitions. Operation Backpack was a program, a great program in our community, unfortunately going to cease to exist. Jamieson Center has popped up and assumed responsibility for it,” shares Fletcher.

The board also approved the motion of having the Performing Arts students make a trip to New York City every four years. Fletcher shares more on the matter:

“We think it’s a great opportunity for our kids to be able to do that. Because you can’t get that. Mr. Ferry still talks about performing at the 9/11 Memorial and just the emotion. It’s not in a classroom and it’s probably more profound than what they would have gotten by just talking about 9/11 in a classroom,” Fletcher states.

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written by Kelsey Crain

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