New Coffee Shop Opening in Monmouth

A new coffee shop is coming to the Monmouth area. The Central Mountain Coffee Roasters, located at 101 Market Alley, will be serving Columbian coffee.

Owners Elsa and Chad Galyean got the idea for a coffee shop back when they first tried the coffee cube, which are new to the United States. The Galyean’s will be serving unique gourmet coffee cubes of a variety of flavors in their shop. Chad shares more details:

“This is an idea of ours, however, we have modified the way that its made. We changed the matrix system on the machine, we’ve had our own machines made. So we can have different sizes of cubes, different shapes of cubes. The dissolve time for our cubes are a little bit better than others. Not only that we can do coffee cubes, tea cubes, we’re doing chocolate. There’s a whole variety of things we plan on doing. So you drop it in, you stir it, there’s no need for a machine and there’s less waste,” Chad states.

The Galyean’s are very excited to join the Monmouth community and hope to host roasting classes in the future.

To find more information, log onto or search them on Facebook.

written by Kelsey Crain