OSF Healthcare Holy Family Upcoming Events

On September 24th at 5 pm, the Diabetes Support Group will be having their monthly meeting in the Wellness Classroom at OSF Healthcare Holy Family. Canada discusses the topic for this upcoming session:

“We’re having Carol McCrery from Strom Center coming, and she is going to be talking about selecting a Medicare Part B program. So this may be of interest to people with or without diabetes,” shares Canada.

There will be an optional soup, salad, and dessert meal for $5, otherwise the event is free.

The Western Illinois Area on Aging and OSF Healthcare Holy Family are teaming up to bring ‘A Matter of Balance’ to our area. Diabetes Educator, Tina Canada, shares what the program will entail:

“The program is for people primarily over 60 years old, who are interested in improving their balance, flexibility, and strength. Or someone who has fallen in the past or is concerned that they might fall. Or anyone that is restricting their activities because of a fear of falling. So the program is really to help people to view falling as controllable, to set goals for increasing their activities, to make changes in their home that will reduce fall risks. One of the things we are going to do as homework is everybody is going to take home a little assessment to look for fall hazards in their home. Then we are going to begin doing some exercises to increase strength and flexibility,” Canada reports.

The program will begin on Thursday September 27th in the Wellness Classroom at OSF Healthcare Holy Family from 10 am until noon. There will be eight sessions in total, which will be held every Thursday, and is free. Pre-registration is required.

On October 2nd from noon to 1, OSF Healthcare Holy Family will be hosting a Lunch and Learn at Jamison Community Center. Canada and Jamie Weyant, Diet and Nutrition Educator, will be preparing a meal and presenting about MyPlate: Healthy Eating, which discusses what a diabetes meal plan would look like.

For more information or to register for these events, feel free to call Tina at 734-1424.

written by Kelsey Crain