Parkinson's Support Group

Monday September 10th at the Warren County YMCA, will be the first night of the Parkinson’s support group, hosted by Marsha Parrish, who explains her backstory:

“I’m starting this because my husband has Parkinson’s, diagnosed in 2006. We had gone to Rock Steady in Macomb, a few years ago, and just developed a really sense of family with all the people that were there. We learned so much and I just wanted to try and bring that to the Monmouth, Warren County area,” states Parrish.

Parkinson’s can present itself in a variety of different ways with each individual. Some common traits that coexist with the ailment include tremors, gait deviations, and balance issues. Parrish wants others with Parkinson’s to come together and be on the same page:

“There’s lots of research going on out there. There’s lots of new medicines that are going on, and so that’s another purpose of this group. And lots of new services. We have an incredible amount of services to people with Parkinson’s in our own local area. So I wanted to make the Parkinson’s patients aware of what we have and what they can be doing to help themselves while they are going through this,” Parrish shares.

Other events Parkinson’s patients can get involved with are Big Therapy, Loud Therapy, and A Matter of Balance, which Parrish will cover at the group.
The support group will meet in the Rock Steady workout room on Monday at the YMCA at 4 pm and be held on the second Monday of every month.

written by Kelsey Crain

To hear more from Marsha, listen to the link below: