Turnbull Heritage Museum Open House

The Turnbull Heritage Museum was assembled in 2018 and is located in the former facilities of Turnbull Funeral Home in Biggsville, IL. It is a collection of private artifacts from the “undertaking” business of the Turnbull Family, beginning in 1884. John Turnbull shares some artifacts that can be seen at the museum:

“I’ve got everything from caskets, to casket veils, to candelabra to so forth, that they used in the old days. I guess I’m kind of proud of all that because I didn’t go out to auctions to buy all that, it came through my family. Very frankly, it’s been used and probably some of it has been used pretty hard. It is the genuine thing, it’s the artifacts, and it’s the pieces that they used to help families in their grief with their funerals, its real things, good or bad as it is,” Turnbull states.

The open house will begin at 10 am on Saturday September 29th.

Location of the Turnbull Heritage Museum is at State Highway 94 and Church Street in Biggsville.

For more information, feel free to contact John at 309-371-3595.

written by Kelsey Crain

To hear more from John, listen to the link below: