Illinois State Cornhusking Competition

Sunday October 7th, the 38th Annual Illinois State Cornhusking Competition will be held. Richard Humes, Illinois State Cornhusking President, shares what classes are available:

“We’re gonna have the kids classes, which would be the PeeWee’s 6 to 9. Then we also have the classes 10 to 12 both boys and girls. Then we have a 10 to 14 class. If you pick in this 10 to 14 class you can go onto Nationals. We will take the top three pickers out of each class to the Nationals,” states Humes.

Classes are $3 for youth and $15 for adults.

The competition will take place 3 and a half miles south of Roseville on the West side of Highway 67.

Registration begins at 8 am and the contest starts at 9.

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