OSF Holy Family Open House for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month, but it is important to be aware all year long. Director of Diagnostic Imaging at OSF Holy Family Medical Center, Mary Mowen, shares it is important to perform self-exams monthly, beginning at a young age, and it is suggested to have a yearly mammogram. Mowen shares screening guidelines offered by the American Cancer Society:

“Their screening guidelines recommend women aged 40 to 44 should start having mammograms if they chose to do so. Women aged 45 to 54 should have a screen every year and those 55 and older can get screened every two years if they chose to do so,” Mowen states.

Treatment options have grown over the years and Mowen believes new technology is on the horizon:

“I think what we will see is using other methods besides mammography to use for high risk women to become more common in the screening arena. What we will see is automated breast ultrasound, which is a machine that can go over the breast tissue with a machine and not rely on the hand of the operator. There will also be more MRI screening,” shares Mowen.

Be aware of your body and make sure to call and schedule an appointment today at 734-1446. Walk-ins are always welcomed on Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 4pm.

OSF Holy Family Medical Center in Monmouth will be having an Open House this Wednesday, October 24th in the Diagnostic Imaging Department for breast cancer awareness month. Mowen shares more:

“We are going to have some breast cancer education information. We are going to have some healthy snacks. We are going to have a drawing for a breast cancer awareness basket. We will also be able to do walk-in mammograms at this time too,” reports Mowen.

The Open House will be from 5 to 7 pm at OSF Holy Family Medical Center.

To hear the entire interview, listen to the link below:

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