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Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Update

This weekend, members of the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau will attend the Illinois Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting in Chicago. Manager Gina Long has more:

“One of the neat things about the annual meetings, is that is where the policies for our organization is set. So the policies that we support our events in regard to the polices, that all gets set. So it’s pretty neat to see the delegate for and to see all the farmers talk and debate over issues that will impact them this year and the coming years,” shares Long.

Over 1,500 farmers and their families, representing every county in Illinois, gather to represent the state’s agriculture industry and discuss various events, including the Young Leaders, County Awards, and much more.

In other upcoming events, the Young Leaders Conference in East Peoria will take place January 25th and 26th. Long has more:

“Registration cuts off in the first couple weeks of December. I know we have a lot signed up already, but if there are people ages 18 to 35 interested in this conference, please contact the office and I would be happy to speak to you about it,” Long states.

To register, contact the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau at 734-9401.


To listen to the entire interview, listen below: