City Council Meeting Summary 12.03.2018

City Council Meeting Summary 12.03.2018
Next City Council Meeting – December 17th, 2018 at 6:00 PM
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1– Presentations Or Citizen Inquiries
Amy Patterson with the Chamber Of Commerce thanked the City for all their support during the event that was held last weekend called Christmas On The Square. She spoke to the various contributions that helped make the event possible and looks forward to another event next year. Mayor Davies and Council thanked the Chamber for organizing the great event.

2- Service Anniversary – Brian Morefield
Assistant Chief Brian Morefield was recognized this evening for his 20 years of service to the public. Mayor Davies thanked AC Morefield for his continued to residents and his diligence in serving them.

3- Building & Zoning Monthly Report – Director Clark
• Plans were reviewed for a new Smithfield procurement building which would be attached to the rendering building.
• A temporary occupancy permit was issued for the new rendering building at Smithfield. A full permit will be issued following the fire department’s inspection of the sprinkler system.
• Fairway Foods is currently ahead of schedule with construction of the building’s walls scheduled for later this month.
• Rental inspections were resumed last week.

4- Woodard & Curran Monthly Report – Director Jackson
• As a follow up to the 12” water main last month, 4 new shut off valves were installed to allow greater control of the water distribution system.
• Leaf pickup was slowed due to multiple mechanical failures, meaning that the curbside pickup was not able to be completed before last week’s blizzard event. As the snow melts off, the street department will resume pickup.
• Director Jackson expressed his gratitude to all the public works employees for their service during the blizzard and for their continued hard work during all types of weather.

5- MFD Monthly Report – Chief Rexroat
• The department performed public education talks at 10 facilities for Fire Prevention week. This year’s theme was “look. Listen. Learn. Be aware, fire can happen anywhere.” Chief Rexroat thanked Firefighter Chard for the work he does heading up the public education for the department.
• For Halloween, the department hosted a trick or treat event. The event was very successful with police, fire, city hall, OSF Holy Family, Eagle View Clinic and GHAS in attendance.
• The department participated in the Monmouth-Roseville High School Homecoming Parade.
• Tower 22 remains out of service while the ladder and pump are being repaired at Alexis Fire Equipment. Many of the pulleys had become safety issues and are being replaced. The tower has been out of service since mid-July.
• Firefighters trained on mayday procedures, rapid intervention teams, and saving-our-own. The firefighters trained in numerous aspects, including how to rescue downed personnel and how to navigate tight spaces while wearing full equipment.

6- Approval of Liability and Workman’s Comp Insurance
Every year the City shops for liability and workman’s compensation insurance. This year’s recommendations are
Workers Compensation – Illinois Public Risk Fund, administered by Gallagher for $62,373
Liability Insurance – Administered by Molyneaux for $94,638
Approximately $23,000 was saved this year due to the removal of an administrative charge that had been in place with the previous firm. This change also allowed us to increase our coverage in certain areas. I.P.R.F. is a large insurance pool that also gives the City with a grant each year to purchase safety related items. In 2019 the grant will be for $6,431.

A motion was made for approval and was approved.

7- Ordinances
A. Variance, 601 East Girard Avenue (1st Reading)
This variance is to allow the construction of a fence and garden shed within the existing property setbacks. The property is a corner lot with an alley directly behind the house. The property owner would like to construct a fence around a swimming pool, however, the fence will be within 3 feet from the property lines. No neighbors objected to the construction of a fence or the garden shed. This variance was also brought before the Zoning Board a few weeks ago and was passed unanimously.

A motion for approval was made and was approved.

B. Variance, 1211 South Main Street (2nd Reading)
This special use variance is to allow for the operation of a welding shop at the location. The property currently has a pole building which has been converted to living quarters. Morath would like to purchase the building and operate a welding shop out of it. This item was brought before the Zoning Board last Wednesday and passed unanimously. The Zoning Board heard from neighbors voicing their support for the variance as well.

A motion was made for approval and was approved.

8- Executive Session
No executive session was held.

9- Other business
No other business was discussed.

***Report Courtesy of the City of Monmouth***

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