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Monmouth-Roseville District Update

The Monmouth-Roseville School Board met earlier this week for their monthly meeting. Few items were discussed at the beginning of this New Year, but are still important for the district. One important item was the approval to begin the preparation of next year’s tentative budget. Superintendent Ed Fletcher has more:

“If we are able to keep the funding formula funded and at the level that they say, and increase the funding as they say they are supposed to, to adequately fund education in Illinois, then we will be fine. If they start cutting like they have in the past, then that puts the district in a really tough spot. There is a lot of heavy lifting that needs to be done at the state level with a new governor, new legislatures, and pension issues. How are they going to wrestle with all that stuff? It’s going to be interesting to see what will happen in Illinois,” shares Fletcher.

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Listen to Fletcher’s interview below: