Record Low Temperatures Dangerous for Pets Too

The Western Illinois Animal Rescue is reminding listeners to remember your pets during the record low temperatures this week. Just like humans, pets being out in the cold temperatures is very dangerous. If at all possible bring your pets inside, they will thank you later.

If you are unable to bring your pets inside, please follow these guidelines to keep your pets warm:

-Make sure your pets have a draft-free shelter with extra bedding
-Give your pet enough food as they use more energy to stay warm
-Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh, unfrozen water
-Use plastic food and water bowls to keep your pets’ tongue from sticking to the bowl

Also, be cautious when using salt around your house as it can be dangerous for pets if ingested. To protect them from harm, wipe off their paws with a damp cloth before they lick them and irritate their mouth.