‘A Death at Tippitt Pond’

Retired teacher and local author, Susan Van Kirk, will be promoting her new novel ‘A Death at Tippitt Pond’ with book signings on Monday June 17th at the Warren County Public Library and Friday June 28th at Security Savings Bank. Van Kirk shares a teaser of what readers can expect:

“It’s about a death that happened in a small town called Sweet Iron and it happened back in 1971. In the present day, the main character, whose name is Beth Russell, is a historical researcher and genealogist. Ironically, she knows very little about her own family. She is approached by an investigator for a lawyer in this small town of Sweet Iron who thinks that she may be the daughter of a family, and in fact the last family member of the Tippitt family in Sweet Iron. If she is, there is a huge amount of money that she would inherit. But the question is, is she?” states Van Kirk.

The novel will be available for purchase beginning June 15th, but can be preordered now by visiting

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