Cover Crop and Prevent Plant Coverage

Aerial Photo of Local Farm Ground

Due to unprecedented weather circumstances in the Midwest, the 2019 planting season is far behind and raising questions among farmers with cover crop and taking a prevent plant. Brian Postin with Compeer Financial shares with us the rules on what one can and cannot do with taking prevent plant:

“So if you plant a cover crop after taking preventive plant and you hay or graze that cover crop on or after November 1st, you can still receive 100% of your preventive plant payment. However, if you hay or graze that cover crop before November 1st, they are going to not pay any for your prevent payment claim. Along with that, if you harvest a cover crop, before November 1st or even after November 1st, you are not eligible for a prevent plant payment,” states Postin.

Postin encourages all farmers to discuss their plan with their insurance agent.

To hear more from Postin, listen to the podcast below:

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