Don’t Panic Yet, Farmers, Says Bayer’s Coziahr

Despite extreme moisture due to the near-constant raining of recent days, Troy Coziahr, Manager at Bayer Agronomy Center, says there is no need to panic yet.

Coziahr says that most relative maturities will be okay and that temperatures are still cool.

Coziahr explains why farmers are still in good shape.

“We’ve got more than enough time to accumulate the heat units, the GDUs, that we’re going to need for most of the relative maturities that guys are planting in this area. If you’re pushing the 116th day, you may be pushing it close to the edge, but we still got time.”

Coziahr went on to say that nitrogen is still in the soil and to wait a couple days to plant.

Article written by Matthew Needham

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