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English Learners Increase at MR Schools Over Ten Years

Monmouth-Roseville schools have seen a spike in English learning students since 2008.

English learning students in the school, or students that speak English as their second language, nearly doubled from 2008 to 2018, from 132 English learning students to 350. Overall, English learning students at Monmouth-Roseville make up 20 per cent of the student body and 9.5 million nationwide.

Superintendent for Monmouth-Roseville School District #238 tells us just how many different languages are spoke in Monmouth-Roseville Schools:

“There are 15 different native languages and a couple we can’t identify. Our top five languages are Spanish, French, Chinhaka, Burmese, and Koran. When you look at our student population, that’s a lot of different languages that are spoken.”

The school district has also hired 14 new teachers since 2008 to the English learning program.

Article written by Matthew Needham

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