Little Libraries Coming Soon

The Warren County Public Library and Warren County Leadership are collaborating with the United Way for the Little Library project and are collecting donations.

Books to be donated must be family friendly and languages other than English will be accepted.

The Little Libraries project, a nationwide initiative that could put, “Warren County on the map,” plans to build 25 of these libraries in Warren County. The Buchanan Center for the Arts and the Eagle Scouts are assembling the libraries.

Executive Director Jeannie Weber tells us how to check out a book from a Little Library and the general locations where the libraries will be located.

“They’ll just pull up to the library, open the door, and pull a book out. They’ll be installed in various places in Monmouth and Warren County communities where they’ll have best access, so we’ll have them in particular neighborhoods and definitely downtown areas.”

Monmouth College’s Education Department will be inventorying the library selections.

Article written by Matthew Needham

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