Open Table – West Central Illinois Coming to Monmouth Area

The Open Table Mission, a model which uses faith, government, business, non-profit, healthcare, and other sectors to work together to transform intellectual, social capital, and personal networks into tools individuals and families facing poverty can use to develop and work towards a better life, is launching in West Central Illinois. Amber Wood, Community Relations Specialist at OSF HealthCare Holy Family, shares what a table member would do for the community:

“The requirements are someone who cares about another individual and wants to help them. There are no pre-requirements of training or education or even experience. We are offering the training for those individuals. It’s just someone who wants to be that connector, someone that can help open doors and provide the hope that may have been lost,” Wood states.

For more information and to find out how you can become involved, visit or call 309-221-9368.

On Tuesday May 21st, the Open Table West Central Illinois Leadership team will be hosting a Table Member Commitment Gathering event. Wood has the details:

“It’s where we are going to be providing some information about what it looks like for a day in the life of a table member and really taking the next steps to getting registered and beginning the training process,” shares Wood.

The event will be held at the First Christian Church, 514 N Sunny Lane in Monmouth, from 5:30 to 7:30. Dinner will be provided.

To register for the event, contact Lolla Ballard at 309-734-8066.

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