Optimal Weather Needed this Crop Season

Moderate weather conditions are needed in order to have a successful crop this season, according to Troy Coziahr of Bayer Crop Science of Monmouth.

Coziahr explains what will happen to corn crops if optimal weather and regular rain patterns do not happen.

“Because of all the extreme weather and a lot of it maybe getting planted a little bit wetter than in optimal conditions, it tends to open the furrows up and exposes the growing point and crown to warm, dry, air, and that stunts the nodal root. The nodal roots are the main root system and once the main seed dies these nodal roots take over. Once they start coming out of the crown and are exposed to nothing but dead dry air, they either die or are stunted.”

Croziahr also said the bulk of corn crops were planted in the first week of June, but said crops that were planted in May have been replanted and they look “tough.”

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