Monmouth-Area Schools Welcome New Principals

Two new school prinipals have been named in the Warren County area.

Katy Morrison, formerly of the Monmouth-Roseville School District, has been named Principal of Harding Primary School, and Jeff Ewing, formerly of Harding Primary School, has been named principal of Monmouth-Roseville High School.

Morrison and Ewing give us their stories that brought them to these respective positions.

Morrison: “I started teaching 12 years ago, 2007 I think. It was one of those things I always knew I would do. I always played school, made my sister be the student. I graduated Monmouth College in 2007 and started my teaching career at Bushnell, Illinois, and I taught there for seven years and taught first and third grade there. And then made the jump to Monmouth-Roseville five years ago, and I taught second grade at Harding Primary.”

Ewing: “When I was in high school, I went to Warren High School and had a very good experience. Bill Reese was the superintendent and principal there, just a great guy. I used to go and help with the younger kids when I was a senior so I started liking that, so I went into teaching.

One of my good friends, Pat Elder who was a football coach at Sherrard, so I found a teaching job there and got to coach with him a few years before he left for Richmond-Burton, and I was an administrator there at the high school there. So I’ve worked at the grade school level and the high school level, and I’ve been an administrator at the grade school and high school level as well.”

Monmouth-Roseville begins registration August seventh through eighth. The first day of school for high school Freshmen at Monmouth-Roseville is August 21.

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