Warren County in the Process of Rewriting County’s Zoning Laws

The Warren County Board are considering a rewrite of the county’s zoning laws, County Board member Sean Cavanaugh said Thursday.

A rewrite of the zoning laws will cost $28,000, with funding coming from a recently debated wind turbine project, a debate that has faced opposition.

The number of wind turbines for the project was reduced from 24 to “11 to 14”.

Cavanuagh tells us why the zoning laws need to be rewritten.

“Some of the current zoning code, I think, duplicates certain things throughout it and we want to make it simpler and easier. We also want to make it to where people can feel they can expand their operations, improve their farms, their businesses, and bring new business into the county.”

Cavanaugh also says the reduction of wind turbines will lead to reduced funding for the Monmouth-Roseville School District.

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