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Diabetes Education Coordinators to Work Under New Title

Diabetes education coordinators, like Tina Canada at OSF Holy Family Medical Center in Monmouth, will soon have a title change.

The American Association of Diabetes Educators are changing the Diabetes Education Coordinator title to Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.

Canada explains why.

“A lot of people don’t want to be educated. They feel like if you come to a diabetes educator you’re going to get a lecture, and that’s not what we do. So, they wanted a name that reflects what we do. Something that reflects the whole cardio-metabolic spectrum of where we work and how we are there to support people and help them work out a plan for their diabetes.

So it’s all about learning in a personalized way, it’s not so much about a lecture.”

Canada says the title change will be coming, “in the next few weeks”.

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