City Council Meeting Summary 09.03.2019

Next City Council Meeting – September 16th , 201 9 at 6:00 PM

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1– Presentations Or Citizen Inquiries

Robert Purchase Jr. spoke to City Council regarding the recent discussion on the recreational sale of marijuana from retail outlets in Monmouth. Purchase spoke to the problems involved with banning sales inside the City while neighboring communities continue to allow the sale of the product. A brief discussion was also held regarding historical marijuana sales in his neighborhood and around town. 

Mike Sheid from Midwestern Foods spoke to Council about the company’s recent growth and expansion and their future in Monmouth. Council and Mayor thanked Sheid and Midwestern for their continued investment in the community and for the additional jobs they continue to create.

2- Building and Zoning Monthly Report – Director Clark

• Smithfield’s 300,000-gallon hot water tank project is nearing completion. 

• The new YMCA pool is currently undergoing base concrete work.

• Parkin’s Trucking is completing their concrete work this week and will begin heavy interior work next week.

• Northwest Restoration has completed tuckpointing work at 226 South Main, and Bix Basement Systems is currently working on a water infiltration system for the basement.

• Zoning has seen an increase in junk and debris complaints. The department and the city attorney have been reviewing additional measures that may be used for code compliance and will return to Council with an update at a later date.

3- Woodard and Curran Monthly Report – Director Jackson

• Laverdiere Construction completed the Southeast water main replacement project in midAugust. The final construction cost was just under $498,000. In working closely with the contractor, the department was able to save approximately $70,000 of the project cost by moving the pipe alignment in the boulevard instead of the street. This reduction in expense has allowed for the project to be 100% funded using only federal grant funds.

• The street department has completed repairs to the intersection of South 6th and East 3rd. 

• Five water mains were repaired last month.

• The Love’s Travel Stop utility extension project design is 75% complete. Construction on this project is scheduled to begin next spring.

4- MC Fusion Theatre Street Closure Request – Doug Rankin

Monmouth College is requesting a street closure in the 200 block of South Main Street on September 21st from 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM. The closure will allow for the 6th annual Fusionfest Theatre Festival which is a collection of plays that are written and rehearsed in a short period of time. The event will be showcased in the building’s large windows which face Main Street and will be open to the public. The department has approached the neighboring business owners and received unanimous approval for the closure.  A motion for approval was made and was approved.

5- Ordinances

A. Declaration Of Surplus Property – Police Department The Police Department is retiring a police cruiser from service. The vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet Impala. A motion for approval was made and was approved.

B. Amending Chapter 51.20, Application for connection permit This amendment is a housekeeping amendment. The ordinance in question included language which stated that all water meters, including large commercial/industrial sized meters would be the property of the City. The policy for the last 15 years has required these specialized meters to be purchased by the property owner. The new language in the amendment cleans up the ordinance to better reflect City policy. A motion for approval was made and was approved.

6- Executive Session

No Executive Session was held this evening.

7- Other business

No other business was discussed this evening.

Report compiled by Ken Helms, City Of Monmouth

***Report Courtesy of the City of Monmouth***

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