Representative Norine Hammond on Illinois Pensions

At the September 6, 2019, Ag Round Table, Illinois House Representative Norine Hammond talked about the current pension crisis in the state of Illinois.

As tensions have risen over the subject of pensions in Illinois, Representative Hammond remains vigilant in her choice to fight to maintain the current plan for state pension payments, which should be leveled out by 2025, according to Hammond.

In the past, problems with shorting pensioners have come up, and various bills have been shot down that would decrease pension payments statewide.

Representative Hammond talks more about these past issues…

“We have had a couple of bills over the years that have attempted to change our pensions in the state of Illinois, and both of those have been rejected by the Supreme Court, because in fact, the pension, the characteristics of our pension system are in our constitution, so that’s the reason that the Supreme Court rejected them.”

Representative Hammond continues to support the current plan to pay back pensioners and disapproves of the idea of shorting the program any further. For more information, tune in to our podcast below.