Take Control and Be Prepared in Your Diabetes Management

Diabetes management can be difficult on a regular day, but even more challenging during a major storm or in the instance of evacuating your home. OSF HealthCare Holy Family Diabetes Education Coordinator Tina Canada states one should plan ahead and build a Go Bag:

“So what you want to think about is putting your diabetes kit in something that is easy to carry but also waterproof. So there are a lot of things that you want to keep in that, that you want to have with you in any case of emergency. You want to have some kind of document in there that says what type of diabetes you have, any other medical conditions you have, your allergies, any previous surgeries, the current medications you take including the dose and how often you take them,” Canada shares.

Canada shares other items one may pack in their Go Bag might be a weeks’ worth of medications, snacks, water, phone numbers, and any other necessary items.

A new drug will hit the market by the end of this month to help treat emergency low blood sugar cases. Tina Canada, Diabetes Education Coordinator at OSF HealthCare Holy Family, explains how the new glucagon works:

“There’s a glucagon that is stable as a liquid, so there is no mixing, and it’s still injectable. That helps us be better prepared for a low blood sugar event,” reports Canada

The Diabetes Support Group will meet in the Wellness Classroom at OSF HealthCare Holy Family on Monday September 23rd at 5pm. This month will feature a cooking demonstration of Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Rolls. Tina Canada, Diabetes Education Coordinator, shares the topic of discussion:

“We’re going to be talking about incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet and the wrap has a lot of great vegetables as well as the chicken. I hope it will be something that the group enjoys and will want to try at home,” Canada explains.

Diabetes Support Group meets the fourth Monday of every month. For more information, contact Canada at 734-1424.

To hear more from Canada and how you can be more prepared, listen to the podcast below: