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The Latest Monmouth City Council Meeting

At the latest Monmouth City Council meeting, local residents spoke to the council about the pros and cons of banning and allowing sale of recreational marijuana within the city.

Topics brought up include challenges associated with recreational marijuana within the city while many of Monmouth’s neighboring cities will begin to sell the new products.

Rod Davies, Mayor of Monmouth, talks about the challenges associated with recreational marijuana and aquiring licenses to sell it so shortly after its legalization…

“Our feeling is, and that’s based on our dicussions with other mayors, that given the cost of the licenses, and given the limited number, and it seems to be playing out that way that most of these facilities are going to retail outlets and dispensaries are going to be going to larger communities”.

Galesburg passed legislation allowing for the sale of recreational marijuana on September 3rd, going forward with the idea of opening a dispensary within the city.

Monmouth is still well on its way to rebuild and reconstruct streets all across the city.

Brandt Construction met with Public Works Director Andy Jackson to put together a work plan schedule for resurfacing more roads in the city of Monmouth.

Next week, new plans to renovate local roads will begin, with resurfacing starting on streets between South B and West 6th Avenue, with plans to move renovations to streets near Harding Primary School in the Southeast quadtrant of Monmouth. Final renovations will then move from South 11th to 5th Avenue streets.

Andy Jackson went on to talk about the potential for temporary traffic issues with the reconstruction of the roads in the coming future…

“There’ll be a little bit of interesting traffic issues I’m sure that will crop up. But again, when you have some gain, it usually comes with a little bit of pain. We’ll coordinate the best we can to try to keep the kids safe and the busses unloaded and loaded, and so on and so forth.”

Road resurfacing is scheduled to begin next week, if weather permits.

For more information about the city council meeting, tune in to our podcast below.