This Year’s Warren County Prime Beef Festival Court

Preparations for the Warren county Prime Beef Festival are well underway this week, and this year’s pageant winners know better than anyone how busy the next week will be for everyone involved.

This year’s court includes Prime Beef Princess, Madelene Blaesing, 1st runner up Kiera Randolph, 2nd runner up Callie Lantz, and 3rd runner up Kendra Cole, winner of the Talent and Personality awards.

Madelene, this year’s princess, attends Monmouth-Roseville High School and is a cheerleader for both the football and basketball team. Her future plans involve going to school for early elementary education and becoming a school teacher.

First runner up, Kiera Randolph, another Monmouth-Roseville High School student, is involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities at school. She is a baton twirler, softball player, and football team manager, and her favorite school subject is choir.

Third runner up Kendra Cole expressed her love of the pageant and the events surrounding it, saying her favorite part of the event is just inspiring younger girls to attend the pageant and try their hand at placing in the event. As a local high schooler, Kendra is involved heavily in cheerleading and choir as well, and plans to attend Carl Sandburg College to earn a nursing degree in order to move on to a four-year university.

For this year’s Princess Madeline Blaesing, the experience was very fast, but also very enjoyable. Madeline went over the events of the pageant day…

“Well to try and keep myself sane, I took picture of the golf meet and the cross-country meet. Then I had my makeup and my hair done, and then we went straight into interviews starting at four. After that it was as blur, I couldn’t even tell you what interview questions I was asked, or what pop question I was asked, it went so fast.”

The Prime Beef Royal Court will be attending events throughout the week. For more information about this year’s Court, tune in to our podcast at RADIOMONMOUTH.COM.

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