Announcing the Opening of the Stoneware Museum of Monmouth, IL


A unique private collection featuring over 800 pieces of Western Stoneware, including Monmouth and Weir pottery, will be on display in the new Stoneware Museum of Monmouth, Illinois. The grand opening of the museum will be held over the weekend beginning today at 10 am. Curator Carol Parrish previews items that can be seen at the museum:

“Part of the collection is not just the household storage containers, you know, mixing bowls, those types of things. They even had yard art. They had an art ware, such as vases and other things to be seen. But a majority of the collection is more of the crocks, and the butter churns, water coolers, those types of things that we have. Even within that 800, they are all different,” shares Parrish.

The Stoneware Museum of Monmouth, Illinois, located at 507 South Sunny Lane, will be open daily through Sunday, October 27th from 10 am to 5pm.

For more information, call or text 309-255-1939 or 309-221-3864.

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