Galesburg’s Review of City’s Handling of Discrimination Complaints Completed

 In July, the Galesburg City Council engaged James Kelly Law Firm to review how the City handled claims of sex and race discrimination. The issues reviewed by the firm were whether the City administration follows current policies when allegations are made; whether the administration exercises good judgment when allegations are made, which are not covered by City policy; and whether there are any updates or additions to current City policy which would be desirable.

After conducting the review, no deficiencies in current City handling or policy were found by the firm. The review confirmed that the administration and the City have properly handled all reported allegations of sex or race discrimination, and there were no instances where the administration failed to use proper judgment when no policy was applicable. This review focused on past and present activities of the current City of Galesburg administration.

“The intention behind the review was to provide citizens with a transparent account of the current administration’s handling of claims of sex and race discrimination,” said Mayor John Pritchard. “This review provides the necessary closure that other staff members have acted and continue to act in accordance with City policy and with good judgment. Acting with integrity and in the City’s best interest is of the utmost importance to City Council and City Administration.”

The findings are the culmination of several months of document review, investigation and individual interviews. Over 25 individuals were interviewed as part of the process and over 85% of individuals contacted for interviews participated in the investigation.  While not all individuals contacted consented to the interview, it was determined that this did not hamper the review in any manner. The review, which was directed to be completed by the Galesburg City Council, was completed with the full cooperation of the administration. The City Council was informed of the firm’s findings and the Council unanimously concurred with the integrity of the investigation and findings.

Although no deficiencies were found, the City Council and administration are reviewing suggested revisions in an effort to continually refine and improve City policies. Consideration will be given to suggestions for adjustments to current City policies, potential new policies, and improvements to training programs for elected officials and staff.

***Report Courtesy of the City of Galesburg***

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