Jamieson Community Center Stocking Food Panty

The Jamieson Community Center is in need of filling their food pantry.

They looking for boxed meals, whole grain cereals, fresh or canned fruit, and canned vegetables.

Nancy Mowen of the Jamieson Center says the Center is trying to keep up with demand:

“Our doorbell is constantly ringing. One day we had 33 people come. 33 families in one day. We are open five days a week. So it has been challenging to keep food on the shelf. We just got an order in a week ago, of over 4,000 pounds of food, and our shelves are empting out,” Mowen shares.

Mowen also says there will be a 15 per cent increase in the food pantry. The Jamieson Center served 264 families in September.  

The Monmouth Rotary Club and Jamieson Center are offering “Weekend Meals” to the Monmouth-Roseville School District every Saturday and Sunday.

According to Nancy Mowen, 15 per cent of children suffer from food insecurity and that nine out of ten children qualify for food assistance.

Mowen gives more details on the program:

“The program is designed to help fill that void when school is not in session. During the school year they get free breakfast and free lunch, and then they go home on the weekends and we want to make sure they still have food,” explains Mowen.

Jamieson Center raises money for the program through various fundraisers.

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