King Running for 17th Congressional District

Republican Esther Joy King, an entrepreneur and real estate lawyer of East Moline, has announced her candidacy and will be challenging Cheri Bustos in the upcoming Illinois 17th Congressional District race. King is the daughter of missionaries and grew up in Mexico:

“Right on the border between Juarez and El Paso, Texas. Saw first-hand kind of the border issues and immigration and how it affects communities. After undergrad, I moved to Kabo, Afghanistan to do human rights work and that was truly impactful to me; saw the contrast between a country and America that gave me an extreme appreciation for the rule of law. I came back to become a lawyer, went to Northwestern University School of Law, practiced law, worked for the State of Illinois as the Director of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, and came full circle and joined the United States Army and am a JAG officer and lawyer in the Army Reserve. I also practice law now,” King shares.

Here more from Esther by listening to the link below:

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