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February School Spotlight: United Junior High

The Sunny 97.7 WMOI, AM 1330/FM 94.1 WRAM and MTC Communications Program of the Month is the Sports Broadcasting Club at United Junior High led by Principal Chris Schwarz:

“This is something new we started this year and it has really taken off. It has been a great thing for our students and for our families and community. Play by Play is usually the station students want to go to first. We have the ability to broadcast any game that we have in our gymnasium. There is a link that is sent out each and every broadcast that will take viewers to a YouTube channel and when they click on the link, they will go to the YouTube channel, they are able to see the game visually and also hear our students broadcast the game as well,” Schwarz states.

Congratulations to our Program of the Month, United Junior High’s Sports Broadcasting Club, courtesy of WMOI/WRAM, the Regional Office of Education, Papa’s Bar and Grill, Flowers Are Us, and Lacky Monuments.

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