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Hemp Summit Being Held January 27 in Roseville

The University of Illinois Ag Extension is hosting an Industrial Hemp Post-Harvest and Processing Summit on Monday, January 27 from nine AM to three PM at the Roseville Community Center.

Topics for the summit include cultivation, existing products, harvesting, and extraction. The U of I Ag Extension will be partnering with Andy Huston of American Hemp Research and Phylos Biosciences to conduct the summit.

U of I Extension Educator Phillip Alberti says the focus of the summit differs from previous conversations:

“We’ve been focused so much on how to grow this crop – what are the things you got to to think about before and during and then getting it out of the ground. Now that we have it in storage (hopefully – most of the folks got it out this year) we have to think about storage, harvest, then ultimately ‘where is this going?’ Are we extracting, are these going to be direct sales?”

The summit costs $10 and you can register for the summit at 

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