M.O.V.E. Vision for Monmouth

The newly formed economic and community development group M.O.V.E. continues to meet and expand on ideas to enhance the quality of living including new business, cultural diversity and downtown improvements.   Michelle Reyburn, Human Resource Director at Smithfield foods shares the vision of the group:

“So the group is obviously interested in growing Monmouth as a community which includes entrepreneurship and taking care of our businesses that are already here to support them. Also, it is going to include a cross connection of all the different cultures that are in the town. What we really want to do is focus on bringing Monmouth together which is why we came up with the title M.O.V.E. Monmouth One Voice for Everyone, that is our vision and that is where we are going,” says Reyburn.

The next phase of the group involves sub-committee efforts through economic business development, cultural and diversity development and branding  our local community.   Local businesses, non-profit organizations, city government and school districts are being represented in the newly formed M.O.V.E. group. 

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