Monmouth Fire Chief Casey Rexroat in Process of Hiring New Firefighters

  • Chief Rexroat’s report to the Monmouth City Council
  • During a weekly inspection of the aerial ladder on Tower 22, two pulleys were found to be rubbing on the frame. A mechanic from Alexis Fire Equipment has recommended that the aerial ladder be taken out of service until it can be repaired. The truck will soon be taken to Alexis to have the pulleys repaired.
  • The department is currently in the process of hiring two new firefighters. Prospective employees are currently undergoing pre-employment exams.
  • Training for the month was on the topic of the special considerations that may be present during medical calls. Firefighters discussed the topic and reviewed various ways to effectively communicate with patients who may not be English speakers or may have other communication barriers.
  • Chief Rexroat attended a State Fire Code workshop in Springfield that was held at the State Fire Marshall’s Office. The State of Illinois has recently adopted the new NFPA Life Safety Code, and the updated code was discussed at the workshop.
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