Monmouth: One Voice for Everyone

City of Monmouth officials including City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher and Mayor Rod Davies along with local business leaders and stakeholders have formed a new economic and community development group.  The group is known as M.O.V.E. or One Voice for Everyone.  Chis Gavin, President and CEO of Midwest Bank and M.O.V.E. member describes how the group came together:

“Discussions with the city and trying to get something together. So a kind of a round-table is how we started out and we have tried to develop it from there. Still in development phase I think is what we would say is how this is going to play out. Certainly it is a bunch of great people representing the cross section of our community that have been working and trying to get some things done, get some things started, get the structure for things to get started,” Gavin states.

The next phase of the group involves sub-committee efforts through economic business development, cultural and diversity development and branding  our local community.   Local businesses, non-profit organizations, city government and school districts are being represented in the newly formed M.O.V.E. group. 

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