Siegel Running for Warren County State’s Attorney

The Warren County Republican primary vote for Sate’s Attorney will be on March 17, 2020. On the ballot will be Tom Siegel, Attorney at Law. Tom is a 1999 graduate of Monmouth College with a dual major in Philosophy and Religious Studies and English before attending Law School at NIU. Tom came back to Warren County and has spent 17 years as a licensed Attorney:

“I spent a little more than eleven and a half years as Public Defender. I started in 2006. Judge Scott Shipplett had been our Public Defender her for ten years and then he was appointed to become a Judge. After he was appointed for Judge, another gentleman was hired as Public Defender here and he lasted two weeks. I took over in December of 2006 and did it up through July of 2018,” Siegel shares.

Siegel opened his own law office in Monmouth in 2015 and also obtained a license to practice law in the State of Iowa around the same time.

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