‘Dinner With A Doc’

February is Heart Health month and to help raise awareness OSF HealthCare will be hosting a ‘Dinner with a Doc’ Facebook live event on Thursday, February 20th. Cardiologist Dr. John Rashid and Diabetes Educator Tina Canada will be preparing tilapia tacos live for viewers to follow right along with and answer questions and comments. Canada shares viewers can get ingredients in advance and follow along right in their own kitchen:

“You are going to get the recipe in advance. We are making tilapia tacos, so that is a nice healthy alternative to your traditional taco. It is going to be low sodium, low fat, diabetes friendly, and a delicious recipe that I think many people will enjoy. We will be cooking right there live on the air and you can cook along with us. If you go to you can get the recipe there,” Canada states.

Those wanting to participate can view the Facebook live by joining in on the OSF HealthCare Facebook page or visiting

‘Dinner with a Doc’ will begin at 6 pm on Thursday, February 20th.

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