M-R District Update

Sickness continues to linger this winter as attendance has been down a bit at Monmouth-Roseville schools among students and teachers. To help combat the germs, Superintendent Ed Fletcher says the district uses an antiseptic:

“They are sprayers that spray an antiseptic in the air that has ions in it and is able to wrap itself around desks and chairs and attach itself,” Fletcher states.

The antiseptic can be used regularly throughout the year to kill germs in the buildings.

Improvements at the Monmouth-Roseville School District continue to get checked off the list. Air conditioning is currently being installed at the Junior High and is expected to be completed in May. This summer, the playground at Central is scheduled to be remodeled and a new location of the security vestibule at the High School. Superintendent Fletcher has more:

“We are going to be moving, essentially the main entrance is going to be where the library media center is now, so it will be a secure entrance there. Then parents would have to check in and go once they are able to get out of there. Right now, when you buzz in, you can pretty much go where you want. That will be something that is really cool for the safety aspect at the high school,” says Fletcher.

Other improvements on the agenda include a creativity zone with a green screen at the high school.

At the recent Monmouth-Roseville school board meeting, the board took the time to recognize all the good happening throughout the district. Lincoln has an after school Lego Club that 75 students are a part of, 56 students at Harding have perfect attendance, Drew Carlson will be participating in the Regional Office of Education Spelling Bee on the 18th, numerous students at the Junior High are on the honor roll, and a new program collaboration entitled ‘Express Yourself.’ Superintendent Fletcher has more:

“Lincoln students are working with Harding and Central students for ‘Turn and Express Yourself’ program where they are working through feelings via art, music, physical activity, getting kids to talk about things. A thank you to the Monmouth-Roseville Education Foundation for sponsoring that. We are very happy to be working with them,” shares Fletcher.

At the High School, John Matten represented the district at the Illinois Music Association State Music Conference and was selected as one of the top tenor one voices in the State of Illinois.

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