March Teacher of the Month

The Sunny 97.7 WMOI, AM 1330/FM 94.1 WRAM and MTC Communications Teacher of the Month is Harding Primary Second Grade Teacher Mindy Lipes. Here’s Principal Katy Morrison:

“Her classroom is a wonderful place to visit. Very welcoming for students. She is a team player. She works awesome with her second grade team as well as she is just one of those people that you can approach really about anything. She is just a kind sole and she’s just got a way of building those relationships with her kids and reaching all of her students. We are blessed to have her at Harding,” Morrison shares.

Congratulations to the Teacher of the Month, Mindy Lipes. Courtesy of WMOI/WRAM, the Regional Office of Education, Papa’s Bar and Grill, Flowers are Us, and Lacky Monuments.