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Attention Senior Citizens of Monmouth!

We understand that the COVID 19 pandemic has spread a lot of fear of being out in public, and we want all of you to know that we can get through this together! Being quarantined may be necessary for you! If you have needs and are scared to leave your home, local First Responders would like to offer their assistance.

From the hours of 2pm to 5pm daily, We are working with several businesses and other programs in our community.

First Responders can help run errands in case of an emergency to include;

– Medication pick up and delivery

– Toiletries

– Clean water

– Meal referrals

For any other need feel free to call, and if we cannot assist you we will refer you to someone who can.

Again this offer is for Senior citizens (Age 55+). Call 309-734-8383 (Monmouth Police Non Emergency Dispatch Center). You will then be referred to a first responder who will assist!

State Survey of Business Impact

Illinois DCEO is tracking the impact of this crisis on business and is asking businesses to complete a short survey here. Answers to these questions will help inform state policy makers on shaping responses.

“Stay At Home” Essential Businesses

Governor Pritzker issued an executive order that will prompt the temporary closure of businesses other than certain “essential businesses and operations.” The full executive order can be read here. Below is a summary of the broad categories defined as essential:

1.    Grocery stores

2.    Agriculture and food, beverage, and cannabis production

3.    Charitable and social service providers

4.    Media

5.    Gas stations and transportation-related facilities

6.    Financial institutions

7.    Hardware and supply stores

8.    Critical trades (HVAC, plumbers, electrician, cleaning, etc)

9.    Mail, postal, shipping, logistics, delivery, and pick-up services

10. Education institutions 

11. Laundry services

·     Restaurants for consumption off-premises

·     Supplies to work from home (businesses that sell, manufacture, or supply products)

·     Supplies for essential businesses and operations

·     Transportation

·     Home-based care and services

·     Residential facilities and shelters

·     Day care centers for employees exempted by this order

·     Manufacturing

·     Critical labor union functions

·     Hotels and motels

·     Funeral Services

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