Galesburg Community Foundation & Partners Announce Rapid Response Fund

Galesburg Community Foundation, in partnership with The Twomey Foundation, the G.L. Vitale Family Foundation, the McClean Family Endowment Fund, the Warren County United Way and the United Way of Knox County have committed $145,000 to establish the Rapid Response Fund to support local nonprofits directly responding to emergencies or disasters impacting the communities and people of Knox and Warren Counties. Specifically, at this time, the fund can be used to directly support local nonprofit organizations on the front lines dealing with COVID-19. Grants from the fund will be made in collaboration with public health and safety response efforts, in the event they are needed.

Joshua Gibb, president and CEO of Galesburg Community Foundation said, “We certainly encourage you to continue giving directly to the nonprofits who serve our region during this time. Additionally, it is extremely important that our region has one place to give to when it comes to emergencies impacting our area. The Rapid Response Fund provides support to nonprofits directly responding to emergencies or disasters impacting the communities and people of Knox and Warren Counties.”

Donations of any size may be made to the Rapid Response Fund online at and search for Rapid Response (click here for direct link) or via check written to Galesburg Community Foundation with Rapid Response Fund noted in the memo.

Galesburg Community Foundation will administer grants from the Rapid Response Fund in collaboration with public health and safety response efforts. Priority will be given to local nonprofit organizations providing front line services due to an emergency situation such as COVID-19 and to local nonprofit organizations providing basic services to communities that were already vulnerable before the emergency or that are disproportionately affected by the emergency. Funds will be granted on a rolling basis during times of need, allowing for necessary resources to be available in the most responsive manner possible. For more information about the Rapid Response Fund visit

“Thanks to local philanthropy, together we can help ensure that our nonprofits can continue providing critical services, especially now in response to COVID-19, and going forward. The Rapid Response Fund will help ensure we can provide support to our front line nonprofits when they need it most,” Gibb said.

About Galesburg Community Foundation Galesburg Community Foundation develops and supports the efforts of local people and organizations to promote healthy communities. The Community Foundation makes giving easy and believes that generosity can positively change Knox and Warren Counties forever. The Community Foundation partners with individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits to help them have the greatest impact with their giving. The Community Foundation is working for the good of your community.

***Report Courtesy of the Warren County United Way***

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