Heroes Ranch Horsemanship Clinic’s Provide Veteran’s with Healing and Connections

Jake Greenlief, born and raised in the Monmouth area and a veteran himself, has founded the non-profit organization Heroes Ranch to provide veterans struggling with PTSD or TBI symptoms healing through horsemanship. Greenlief has more:

“The idea behind the Heroes Ranch, we want to use horses and horsemanship to reach veterans who might be struggling with PTSD, TBI symptoms, or just a change in life. They realize what they are doing might not be exactly where they want to go so let’s change it and take it a new direction if that is the route they want to take. It is also a resource for connections and networking for veterans. A lot of veterans get out of the military and they just get going with life and lose the connections. We all spend years together, generally with the same people going through many different strenuous hard times and then we just get out after four, eight, or twenty years and those connections are spread throughout,” Greenlief shares.

The clinics through Heroes Ranch are provided at no cost to any veteran.

For more information, search them on Facebook or their website