Illinois Legislatures Comment on Governor Pritzker’s Withdrawn Emergency Rule

On Wednesday, the emergency rule to make and enforce a business in defiance of Governor Pritzker’s executive order a Class A Misdemeanor, was withdrawn by the Governor and the Illinois Dept. of Public Health.  State Representative Randy Frese said “this tremendous overreach by government had no business being considered in the first place.  Business owners throughout the State, after having their doors forcibly closed by government more than 8 weeks ago, are doing everything in their power to keep their establishments above water.”

Republican legislative leaders Senator Bill Brady and Representative Jim Durkin sent a strongly-worded statement Wednesday morning before a meeting of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, which was to take action on the rule. State Senator Jil Tracy of Quincy stated that quote “For more than two months, our communities have been willing to change their lives in the interest of public safety. It is becoming increasingly clear however that the decisions made by our Governor in Chicago need much more legislative input from suburban and downstate lawmakers and the residents they represent,”   Tracy says Illinois’ Legislative Branch must also be allowed as much input as the state’s Executive Branch in a re-opening plan for the state that aims to balance public safety concerns with the economic well-being of Illinois.

State Representative Dan Swanson Comments on the Matter
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