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Monmouth Park Program Has Been Cancelled for Summer of 2020

With today’s uncharted territory and after reviewing guidelines and restrictions, the Monmouth Park District has had to cancel the Park Program for the summer of 2020. Youth Park Program Coordinator Dave Giles advises families to take advantage of these unprecedented times:

“I think some families have already adapted and I have seen some families out. I saw a father and son playing out in the backyard with the backyard basketball hoop. That made me feel good about that. I think a lot of families have realized that there are some things they can do fairly quickly and fairly easily. I mean it doesn’t take a whole lot to have a water balloon fight or just to go for a walk. Walk around Citizen’s Lake with the family. A number of people have had some fire pits going in the backyard and just a chance to talk to people and spend a little bit more quality time,” Giles shares.

The summer Roseville Recreation Program held at the Community Center has also been cancelled for 2020.

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