Warren County State’s Attorney Andy Doyle – All Agencies Have Come Together During these Uncertain Times

Throughout these unprecedented times, Warren County States Attorney Andy Doyle says that the Health Department, Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, and all other agencies have really come together and worked diligently to ensure the safety of all citizens. With the recent Emergency Rule brought forth by the Governor to fine business owners for opening early, which has been appealed, Doyle stated was an overreach on his part:

“I was glad to see that the rule was withdrawn. You know, those business owners are struggling enough as it is and to me, in a Criminal Law capacity, when I see 4,000 inmates getting released from the Department of Corrections early because of COVID-19 and in the same week we talk about arresting and fining business owners for trying to be open and trying to make a living for their families, that really hurts. That was definitely an overreach on the part of the Governor’s office to think that they could fine business owners for being open like that,” reports Doyle.

Doyle states the majority of people in Warren County have been compliant and no issues have been reported.

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